Take Back Control of Your Grocery Bill! | First Volunteer Bank

Has your grocery bill gotten out of control? You are not alone. The grocery bill seems to be the one thing that gets the best of many American families. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Our team at First Volunteer Bank wants you to gain back control of your money while in the grocery store with these tips!

Let’s take a look at some ways you can start saving money at the grocery store so that you can put more money into savings or even start planning for a summer vacation!

Plan Ahead

How many of you go to the grocery store without a list? Or go to the grocery store with a list but tend to buy things that aren’t on the list? Not sticking to a list is the easiest way to blow your grocery budget.

Therefore, start planning ahead with each grocery trip you take. And, when you make a list, stick to it! That way you stay within (if not under) budget!

Learn How to Coupon

When was the last time you clipped coupons?

Coupons can be a wonderful way to save money on your favorite items, especially those items you need to buy in bulk. Coupons for household cleaning items, dog food and other everyday items can be found easily and are very useful when trying to save money.

Skip Name Brand

Although name brand might be better in some things, does it really matter when it comes to coffee or crackers?

When possible, try buying the generic store brand. Chances are that it won’t taste that different, but it can end up saving you money on your grocery bill in the long run.

Find Your Green Thumb

Rather than going to the grocery store for your fruits and vegetables, why not grow your own produce so that you can both save money and save money at the grocery store? That seems like a win-win situation!

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