3 Tips for Planning Spring Break on a Budget | First Volunteer Bank

Are you looking to take advantage of your spring break without breaking your budget? Our team at First Volunteer Bank has some tips on how you can save for a spring break vacation so that your personal finances don’t suffer.

The Early Bird Catches the Deal

While this doesn’t apply to this year since we are in the final weeks of saving for spring break, it is important to go ahead and make a note that when preparing for next year’s spring break trip, you want to book as early as possible.

By booking early, not only can you possibly catch a better deal, but you can also save yourself the stress of planning and packing for a last-minute spring break vacation. So, when you return from your spring break vacation this year, start thinking about next year’s plans sooner rather than later!

Don’t Forget to Shop Around

Before you get stuck on one price, do not be afraid to shop around to ensure you are grabbing the best deal!

No matter if it is regarding hotels, flights or car rentals, there is always a deal to be found—it just might take some time finding it. So don’t settle for the first price you see, compare and contrast prices with at least two vendors before making a decision.

Consider Taking a Break at Home

While getting out of town is nice, it’s not the only way you can experience a fun and relaxing spring break. Have you ever considered playing a tourist in your own town?

When you live close, it can be easy to forget what neat attractions we have right here at home, like the Chattanooga Choo Choo, Lookout Mountain Attractions, Creative Discovery Museum and Tennessee Aquarium. Why not take the time to rediscover Chattanooga over spring break?

Plus, by staying at home, you can save on hotel fees and use the money toward activities instead! As a result, you might just find you spent a spring break under budget rather than over, which is a win-win!

Do you need a place to put your savings? Contact the First Volunteer Bank team today to learn how we can help keep your money safe and secure in a personal savings account!